Our services are based on the idea of providing our customers with the greatest comfort to obtain any of our products, also help them and advise them to have the spaces they have dreamed of.

Job Site Visit

If the customer requests it, our advisors can visit you and carry samples of our products, this helps to prepare your budget more accurately.
They can help you take the right measurements, give you detailed recommendations on the type of tiles that would be best suited for the required areas. It can also help you choose the type of glue and grout to use with your tiles for maximum perfection.
This is important because our customers may have the perfect opportunity to achieve their content, design and creativity goals, as they can watch live what their spaces would look like, as well as avoid unnecessary costs from a bad decision.


When a customer visits our store and wants to buy a product that we don’t have,
We offer the procurement service that consists of: supplying that particular item, negotiating the terms and conditions with the selected supplier that has it, the customer can pick it up in our store, be delivered with a reasonable fee attached or depending on the quantity purchased together With the terms and conditions, we can provide transportation for free.


When you shop at our Rustitiles store you provide transportation service throughout the country, where your product travels safely, however certain terms and conditions apply, depending on the amount purchased, transportation will be free, in the case of a small purchase amount, a reasonable transportation fee will be added to your invoice.


Rustitiles T&T Ltd also provides worldwide export service. The Recipient of the shipment can identify our products and the quantity they wish to receive. Once confirmed, we collaborate with our Broker and freight forwarder to prepare the merchandise for shipment and complete the export paperwork to have the client’s shipment arrive in a timely manner.

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