5 tricks to make small rooms look bigger

Nowadays, apartments tend to have small rooms in part to give more functionality to places like the kitchen or the living room. In any case, when space is scarce, you should opt for decorative details so that everything seems bigger.

1- Floors

The floors of small rooms should be light, and if possible, reflect light. Small apartments generally have large windows to let in natural light throughout the day. And light floors, especially glossy porcelain, which reflects light like no other floor, helps make the room seem bigger.

In addition, porcelain tile comes in larger tiles (up to 1.20 x 1.20 meters), and these give a sense of continuity that enhances small spaces. These large tiles, with less joints between them, have the effect of multiplying the square meters of small rooms.

2- Painting

The paint on the walls should be light tones. Ideally, they should be in the range of white or cream colors and that they have an affinity with that of porcelain floors.

Even on the walls of kitchens or small bathrooms, you can use the same porcelain tile as on the floor, to give a feeling of greater space.

There are also those who encourage this detail on a wall in the living room, although it represents an extra cost but it is worth it because it looks really good. You can also paint a wall in a darker tone but in the same color range as the other walls.

3- illumination

Lighting is recommended not on the ceiling, but on the walls, so that the ceiling appears higher. In any case, letting in natural light is essential for a small room to look more spacious, for this reason light curtains that let in light are the most recommended.

The ceilings should be of light colors, although white is the most recommended, since it is the one that best reflects natural light.


On the other hand, mirrors are very important in making a small room appear bigger. Not only will they reflect light, but they give a feeling of spaciousness that doesn’t really exist.

With the mirrors you can play with the fact that they reflect the space and also with their sizes, one large and several small ones or several of medium size facing each other, so that they reflect the space.

If the room has good natural lighting, a large mirror on the opposite wall gives enough light multiplier reflection than the window itself. Starting from there, a multiplier effect can be achieved by strategically placing them at different points in the room.

5- Decoration and furnishings

Something no less important in a small room, to make it look more spacious, is the decoration and furniture. Although the space is limited, it should not be loaded with excessive amount of furniture, which would reduce the space.

Depending on each particular room, bedroom, living room or children’s room, the furniture should be in light tones or for those who like wood, it should be as light as possible.

If it is a master bedroom, it should be noted that a king size bed will reduce the available space drastically. A normal size (1.50 x 2 m) is ideal for a couple to sleep, without overloading the room. 

There are also sommier beds that have large drawers underneath, in which there is plenty of space to store clothes and other objects, and they are very practical.

When a room is very small, hanging furniture is a very good option to consider, and if it has sliding doors, even better. These hanging furniture are very useful in children’s bedrooms and especially in bathrooms, which are usually really tiny, and with very little space to store things.

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