How to recover the shine of porcelain: 5 tips

Recovering the shine of porcelain is essential so that these floors always continue to look impeccable. Porcelain tile is a material that is distinguished by its incomparable shine. Thanks to this shine, the porcelain floor gives the environment elegance and sophistication. It is necessary to know and apply the necessary steps to recover and maintain that shine always.

Porcelain stoneware is a material that can be applied in frequently used areas, or in bathrooms and kitchens. But it is also chosen for living rooms and bedrooms. On many occasions it is used in commercial premises, offices and public areas with a lot of traffic, such as banks.

In general, porcelain is a type of floor that is very easy to clean. The main thing is to keep it that way, using the right cleaning products. It is not recommended to use cleaners that contain animal fats, oils or their derivatives. This class of components, when removed, leave residues that cover the original appearance of porcelain stoneware. It is also important that it has a very good placement. This way, the dust doesn’t accumulate in your joints.

5 steps to restore the shine of polished porcelain

1. Sweep the dust off the polished porcelain floor with a well-used mop so that it scratches the surface. The broom damages the enamel of this type of floor.
2. Clean with a solution prepared in water at medium temperature with neutral soap
3. Dry with a clean and wrung mop
4. Spend a second time with the same solution
5. Dry with a dry cloth

How to clean some specific stains

On some occasions, it may happen that a particular product falls that puts the beauty of porcelain at risk.

• Mud stains: remove with linseed oil
• Ink stains: remove with vinegar
• If it falls on the frozen porcelain, beer or infusions such as tea, coffee or mate, clean with caustic soda
• Paint stains clean with turpentine, acetone, or rinse water.
• If sauce falls clean with alkaline solution
• Rust stains can be cleaned with muriatic acid

Completely remove the cleaning liquid with a cloth with plain water at medium temperature. It is essential that there are no remains that could dull or stain the tile. If it is necessary to wipe the cloth with clean water more than once to achieve the desired result